Myobrace Malaysia: A Full Guide on Children’s Braces Alternative

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is an oral appliance that aims to address the root causes of crooked teeth and misaligned jaws

Myobrace is considered a pre-brace treatment to help your children address mouth and myofunctional habits, realign teeth, promote jaw and facial development, maintain proper jaw alignment, and even improve their general health.

a kid wearing myobrace

Besides eliminating bad oral habits which will impact a child's physical appearance, it also helps to align the teeth in a natural position. 

Myobrace trains the tongue to be arranged appropriately in the upper jaw, retraining the oral musculature and exerting light forces to keep teeth in a straight line. The treatment also makes use of myofunctional exercises and procedures to address poor oral habits.

What are the situations Myobraces can treat?

Myobraces are pre-orthodontic appliances designed to correct a range of dental and oral health issues. 

These include various malocclusions such as Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 malocclusions, addressing overbites, underbites, and crossbites

different type of myobrace

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Myobraces are instrumental in discouraging harmful oral habits like thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting, and mouth breathing, contributing to overall orthodontic health.

How Myobraces Works?

Muscle Training

Myobraces focus on training the oral muscles, particularly the tongue and facial muscles, to function in a way that supports proper jaw and dental alignment. 

Specific exercises and the design of the Myobrace appliance encourage the development of balanced muscle function.

Tongue Posture

Correct tongue posture is crucial for proper oral development. Myobraces assist in establishing and maintaining the correct position of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. 

This helps in preventing adverse habits, such as tongue thrusting, that can contribute to dental misalignment.

Breathing Patterns

Myobraces address breathing patterns, encouraging patients to breathe through their noses rather than their mouths. 

Proper nasal breathing supports optimal tongue posture and contributes to the overall development of the upper and lower jaws.

a child wearing a blue myobrace

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Dental Alignment

The Myobrace appliance itself is designed to exert gentle forces on the teeth, guiding them into their natural and optimal positions.

Habit Correction

Myobraces aim to correct harmful oral habits that may contribute to misalignment, such as thumb sucking or incorrect swallowing patterns. 

By breaking these habits and promoting healthier alternatives, Myobraces contribute to long-term oral health.

Why Myobraces can improve a child’s physical appearance?

Myobraces play a crucial role in improving a child's physical appearance by addressing the root causes of dental misalignment and skeletal issues. 

During childhood, the facial and oral structures are still developing, making it an opportune time to guide their growth in a way that promotes harmony and balance.


Myobraces work holistically by encouraging proper tongue posture, promoting nasal breathing, and correcting harmful oral habits, all of which contribute to the development of well-aligned jaws and teeth. 

guide of myobrace

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By influencing the natural growth process, Myobraces not only create a straighter smile but also enhances facial aesthetics, including features like jaw alignment and facial symmetry.


This early intervention is vital in preventing more severe orthodontic issues in the future, ultimately fostering a positive impact on the child's self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being. 

The aesthetic improvements achieved through Myobraces extend beyond cosmetic benefits, encompassing a comprehensive approach to supporting the child's optimal oral and facial development.

What is the best time to start Myobraces treatment?

The best time for Myobrace treatment is during a child's developmental years, typically between the ages of 6 and 12. 

This period is ideal because a child's facial and oral structures are still in the process of growth and development, and intervention at this stage can yield optimal results.


Skye Dental Penang provides myobraces treatment for children as early as 3 years old depending on individual oral health situation. Schedule an appointment with our experienced dentists to assist you in determining whether your child needs Myobrace.

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Why does starting Myobrace early have better results?

Early Myobrace treatment is essential as it allows for proactive intervention during a child's formative years when facial and oral structures are still developing. 

By addressing issues such as oral habits and skeletal misalignments early on, Myobrace guides the natural growth of the jaws and teeth, preventing potential problems from becoming more severe. 

This early intervention not only promotes facial harmony and a straighter smile but also reduces the likelihood of needing more invasive orthodontic treatments later in adolescence.

Results after wearing myobrace

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Pros of Myobraces

Here are the advantages of Myobraces: 

Natural Development 

Myobraces harness the natural growth and development processes of the body, working with the patient's biology to guide teeth into their optimal positions. This holistic approach promotes lasting results by addressing the underlying causes of misalignment. 

Improved Breathing

Myobraces not only focus on dental alignment but also address issues related to breathing. By encouraging proper tongue posture and jaw development, Myobraces contribute to improved airflow, potentially alleviating breathing-related problems.

A kid having new myobrace

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Easy to Maintain

Unlike traditional braces, Myobraces are removable, making oral hygiene routines more manageable. 

Patients can easily clean both the appliance and their teeth, reducing the risk of plaque buildup and maintaining better overall oral health.

Addresses Underlying Issues

Myobraces go beyond cosmetic alignment, targeting the root causes of misalignment. By addressing issues such as incorrect oral habits and improper jaw development, Myobraces provide a more comprehensive and sustainable solution.

comparison of the results before and after myobrace

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Cons of Myobraces

Patient Compliance

The success of Myobrace treatment depends on consistent wear. Patients must adhere to the prescribed schedule, wearing the appliance as directed. 

Compliance can be challenging for some individuals, affecting the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Treatment Duration

In some cases, Myobrace treatment may take longer than traditional braces, especially for more complex issues. Patients should be prepared for a more extended treatment period, understanding that the duration varies based on individual factors.

Not for Severe Cases

Myobraces are most effective for mild to moderate cases of misalignment. In severe cases, alternative orthodontic interventions may be necessary to achieve the desired results. The orthodontic team will assess the severity during the initial consultation.


It's important to note that the pros and cons can vary for each individual, and the effectiveness of Myobrace treatment is influenced by factors such as patient cooperation, age, and the specific nature of orthodontic issues. 

The dental team at Skye Dental Penang will provide personalized guidance based on a thorough assessment of each patient's unique needs.

a kid taking myobrace

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What are the stages of Myobraces?

Myobrace treatment starts with habit correction and works through a combination of three or more appliances to correct the causes of orthodontic problems and align the teeth as they grow into the mouth. 

Treatment can begin as soon as the poor myofunctional habits are recognised.

However, older children have had more time for the incorrect habits and wrong growth patterns to establish, which can require extra effort for a successful treatment outcome. With good compliance, excellent results can be achieved.


There are typically four stages of treatment with Myobrace involving: habit correction, arch development, dental alignment and then retention.

What is the Cost of Myobraces?

The cost of Myobrace treatment in Malaysia can vary based on several factors, including the specific Myobrace appliance used, the complexity of the orthodontic case, the treatment duration, and the dental clinic's geographical location. 

Generally, the price range from RM800 to RM3600 according to different situation.

If you are looking for myobrace treatment in Penang, and wish to understand about Myobrace, do not hesitate to book a consultation with us. 

a kid wearing myobrace

Can myobrace replace braces? 


Myobraces and traditional braces serve distinct purposes in orthodontic treatment, making it unlikely for Myobraces to serve as a direct replacement for braces. 

Myobraces are primarily designed for early intervention in children to address specific orthodontic issues, guide natural growth, and correct habits. They are not typically used for severe misalignments or complex orthodontic cases.


The main objective of the method is to treat oral muscle dysfunctions in order to guide and promote the growth and development of the jaw bone

This would therefore have an impact on the formation of adult teeth in healthier areas. Our main priority is not to align teeth but to use them as a tool to create a functionally balanced mouth-muscle equilibrium.




In short, Myobrace is an effective pre-orthodontic solution, offering not just a straighter smile but also addressing the root causes of misalignments in a holistic manner. 

By guiding natural growth, promoting proper habits, and enhancing facial aesthetics, Myobrace stands out as an effective option, particularly during a child's developmental years.


If you are unsure whether Myobrace is suitable for you or your child, Skye Dental Penang is here to assist you on this journey. 

Consider arranging a teleconsultation via WhatsApp with our dentist. This virtual consultation allows you to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance on the suitability of Myobrace for your specific needs. 

Contact us today to take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future.

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