Dental-theme Picture Books for Children

Delightful Dental Theme Picture Books That Will Ignite Your Child’s Imagination

Teach your child the importance of good dental hygiene, self-confidence, and various crucial global issues with these imaginative and engaging picture books.

Meet the Author

Our principal doctor, Dr Felicia is a passionate dentist who is dedicated to making dental health accessible and enjoyable for children everywhere.

Besides her dental work, she is also a gifted writer and advocate for children's literature. With a desire to combine her two passions, she has crafted two picture books that revolve around the theme of dental health.

Our founder aims to demystify dental health through her books, making them approachable and fun for young readers. By addressing common fears and misconceptions associated with dental visits, she hopes to equip children with the knowledge and confidence to approach their dental appointments with ease and comfort.

At our company, we believe that education and empowerment are key to maintaining optimal dental health, and we are proud to offer a range of resources such as picture books and also events like storytelling sessions, junior dentist workshops, etc. that can help children develop a lifelong appreciation for the importance of dental hygiene. Join us on this exciting journey towards better oral health for children everywhere!

The Secret of Tooth Fairy Land

Beyond Brushing: A Picture Book that Teaches about Dental Health and Protecting the Planet!

One fine afternoon, Santa and his elves enjoyed their tea when disaster struck! A flash flood covered the North Pole, leaving their precious home in ruins. But all hope was not lost, as the tooth fairies arrived to save the day! 

However, the climate had changed, and there would be no more ice and snow—it was too warm for ice and snow. 

Together, they must work to overcome a changing climate and ensure a white Christmas for all!

Popular YouTuber Reads Aloud My Colorful Picture Book!

Join the excitement as a beloved YouTuber brings my colorful picture book to life, inspiring and delighting audiences of all ages!

The Story Behind the Book

Climate change is a topic that holds a special place in my heart.

Through this cute story, I aim to ignite meaningful conversations among young children about climate change from their unique perspectives and regarding the things that matter to them.

I hope to inspire children to develop good habits, such as diligent toothbrushing while fostering a deep sense of care and concern for our planet.

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How to Fight Tooth Bugs

No More Scary Dentist Visits: A Picture Book Aims to Eliminate Dental Phobia

Momo was under attack by tooth bugs! But don't worry, Enzo and Lycia, the brave tooth fairy duo, came to the rescue! They fought off the pesky bugs and saved Momo's teeth. 

However, Momo needed a special treatment to get better - dental fillings! Join Enzo and Lycia on a wild adventure as they travel to get Momo the care he needs. 

This fun and exciting picture book is a great way to teach kids about the importance of dental health and taking care of their teeth - all while showing them that going to the dentist doesn't have to be scary!

The Inspiration Behind the Words

As a dedicated dentist passionate about working with children, I have noticed a troubling gap in the materials available to young children regarding the procedural intricacies of dentistry.

Although countless books/videos on the market touch on dental visits, few offer the in-depth understanding necessary to fully alleviate fears and anxieties, particularly regarding procedures such as dental fillings.

I fervently believe we must do better for our young patients. I have taken it upon myself to craft stories that boldly bridge this gap, providing children with the knowledge and tools necessary to approach their dental appointments confidently. 

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how to fight tooth bugs box set

By sharing my expertise and incorporating relaxation techniques, I aim to empower parents and dentists to educate young readers on the intricacies of dental fillings, helping them understand the what and why.

My book serves as a call to action for all those who seek to serve better and support our youngest dental patients. By providing a clear and concise understanding of dental procedures, we can ensure that children have the knowledge and confidence to approach their dental appointments easily and comfortably. Together, we can pave the way for a new generation of healthy, happy smiles.

Praise for the Books

“I love that this book teaches children how to better care for their teeth & reminds them we also need to take care of our planet! My son loved that Santa and the Tooth Fairy worked together to save Christmas! Highly recommend!”

~ Naomi (United States)

"This is an enjoyable story - anything Christmassy is bound to get my kids' attention! I did feel that an awful lot was covered in it. There were global warming messages, good dental care advice and of course the story of how Santa and the tooth fairy save Christmas! A good read for any time of year."

~ Cora Lydon (UK)

“It's well written and love the pictures. The pictures are so child friendly. The wordings are easy to understand and to teach kids. The book is about how to keep healthy teeth.”

~ Diana (Canada)

Don't miss out on these inspiring dental theme picture books for kids!

Let's join hands and create a brighter future filled with healthy, happy smiles for generations to come.

The Secret of Tooth Fairy Land

How to Fight Tooth Bugs

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